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  • Each Handcrafted Art Piece is unique with character, knotting and weaving styles.  Every piece is truly a 'one-of-a-kind'.

  • The Styles You See may be available or already purchased & displayed by their proud owners.  We suggest that you contact us for info on the current inventory available, as it is always changing due to individual style.

  • The Images Are are just a taste.  When you behold one of these spectacular works of art, Wow!  Our experience in showing these pieces to nearly anyone - Man, Woman, Child, Young or Old, virtually all have the same awesome response of amazement.

Our Products

  • Marlin Spikes - Authentic Marlin Spikes with hand-woven sheaths available in wood or the actual Marlin fish bills with or without knotted sheaths.

  • Rigging Knives - Made from 440C Stainless Steel.  Each knive comes with a shackle slot, landyard, and sheath.  We also offer a Rigger's Stainless Steel Marlin Spike with knotted handles.

  • Hand-Woven Glass Bottles - Various sizes and styles.

  • Nautical Key Fobs - Add a mariner's flair to your key sets with knot styles and miniature crab/lobster pot buoy key rings.

  • Knotted Photo Frames - Various Styles, Shapes, and Sizes.

  • Swordfish Bills - Representing Hawaiian Lua Weapons with added Mako or Tiger Shark teeth.

  • The bills from billfish such as swordfish and different species of marlin are a limited resource.  Fisheries of all types are under government limitations to preserve all fishery resources.  However, we have been collecting bills from legally caught fish within the Pacific fishery for the past few years not knowing when these government policies may make sword and marlin fishing closures.  Even with a good collection of fish bills in stock these bills are a valuable and natural resource, especially once you add the hand-crafted quality workmanship that goes into each and every one.

  • Custom Knot/Rope Work (Marlinspike Seamanship) - Available on almost any object, as shown by the photo of turkshead on the porch pillars photo.  Call for pricing...

To contact us regarding your choice of design, please use the contact information below.
Thank You and Smooth Sailing!

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